Humankind’s existence is defined, in many respects, by efforts to control elemental forces. Trial-and-error, evolving scientific discipline, and collective experience and observation have shaped our definition of best practices.

Such collective wisdom in the field of wind energy and wind turbine siting is the bedrock of Simon Wind, Inc. and its founder and President Richard Simon.

Simon represents a rare amalgam of deep professional field experience, established scientific achievement, and international success and recognition to offer a uniquely skilled approach to the study of wind energy and the siting of wind farms harnessing nature’s force for industry and communities. Richard Simon integrates analytical and observational dexterity to allow him to go beyond the models to achieve success for his projects.

The strategic planning and investigation of Simon Wind is founded on four key attributes:

Meteorology is the scientific foundation of Richard Simon’s work. Initially honed through his graduate degree program in California, his mastery was established through the publication of more than two dozen major research papers analyzing wind resource assessment, turbine siting and other aspects of wind energy meteorology.

Geographical training affords Richard Simon a facile understanding of natural landscapes, topography, and the marriage of land and air. His initial academic training as a geographer has provided a proven—yet remarkable—skill for interpreting the opportunities and challenges posed by unique landscapes throughout the world.

Professional Performance is evident in a forty-year career in service to client’s ranging from the federal government, research laboratories, major public utilities…even concert venues and professional sports franchises. Simon has personally sited more than 20,000 megawatts of commercial-scale wind turbines placed in service throughout the world, providing 20,000,000 people with electrical power.

The Intuitive Scientist. Data alone cannot—should not—be the sole factor in the investment of substantial financial resources for developing wind energy projects. And major investments must be based on more than simple observation. Richard Simon combines the rigor of a disciplined scientist possessing proven talent in analyzing data with uncanny skills in observation and the study of terrain. Wind farms throughout the world have benefited from Simon’s intuitive science.

These four professional attributes are augmented by Richard Simon’s reputation with his serviced clientele. One of the most effective measures of any professional is an earned reputation for dependability. Work product delivered on time…within budget…with results complementing the efforts of overall planning and management. These are the operating standards of Simon Wind, Inc.

Simon Wind, Inc. represents demonstrated excellence in the field of wind analysis and turbine siting. Rigorously trained, with successful experience across five decades, the result is a consulting voice uniquely capable of optimizing the benefits of wind energy projects.